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Just another sunset

Just another sunset

Sunset above Armidale. As special as sunsets can be in this area, tonight’s was above average. Taken at 5.30 pm local time; about 10 minutes after sunset.


  1. What a stunning sunset! I loved the contrast with the dark trees. I greatly enjoyed the beautiful photo of the strawberries earlier this week as well, I felt like I could reach up and grab one! The end of summer is in sight here in the Northern Hemisphere, so hopefully spring is on its way to you!

  2. becsodyssey says:

    Hi Gordon,
    I have been finding these Armidale afternoons particularly pretty with the lovely pink sunsets. Wednesday afternoon’s sunset was no exception and I also took some photos around the same time as this one, except mine are from in town. Will put them up on my blogspot site sometime soon.

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