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Spring sunset

Even though we’re beginning another El Niño event (hot and dry season ahead in this hemisphere), the past several weeks have seen the weather forecasts suggest that we’ll see rain every day – not that this has happened of course. It has meant, though, that the skies have been more overcast than we’d normally expect.

Many days have seen a bland, grey, overcast wash above us, but when discrete clouds are to be seen they add a wonderful texture to the vista.

Orchid season

The first of the Donkey Orchids appeared about a week ago and are now steadily, but slowly, increasing in number in the acres around the house. Even though we’re now into our third dry year, and no rain to speak of in the past few months, these orchids seem to be doing OK.

My best guess is that this is Diuris sulphurea (Tiger Orchid).